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Rutman, D. (2016) Becoming-FASD-Informed

Rutman, D., & Hubberstey, C. (2016). Is Anybody There? Informal supports sought & accessed by youth from foster care.


Rutman, D., Hubberstey, C., Poole, N., Hume, S., & Van Bibber, M. (2015). International Journal on Mental Health and Addictions: FASD Evaluation Maps

Rutman, D., Hubberstey, C., Poole, N, Hume, S. & Van Bibber, M. (2015). Developing and Using a Common Framework to Evaluate FASD Programs: Results of a Three-Year Canadian Project. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. DOI: 10.1007/s11469-015-9597-3

2014 and earlier

Rutman, D., Hubberstey,C.,  & Hume, S. (2014) Evaluation of 3-year program for Aboriginal youth with FASD



FOSTERING SUCCESS: Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth In/From Care


FASD Final Evaluation Report Saskatchewan (2015)

2014 or earlier

EducationBrief Report Income and EmploymentSupport

Education Mini Report DRAFT_July 3 2014(2)

Supports Mini Report DRAFT July 3 2014(2)

Income Mini Report 2014



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